• 6 Plants, Spain, France, China, Italy and Serbia
  • Around 37.000.000 € Turnover
  • Around 180 direct employees in Europe


EOS develops, produces and sells:

  • Polyurethane (anvil covers, wheels, spare parts…) for corrugated packaging and others industries RODICUT and RODICUT China
  • Textiles (corrugated belts and others) BRICQ SAS and BRICQ USA
  • Rotary cutting dies by TOOLS CORRUGATED SL




quote To be, it’s enough to be, no need to pretend. 

Dear visitants:

EOS CORRUGATED Group SASu is a French/Spanish industrial group founded in 2013 after the merger of the companies RODICUT INDUSTRY S.A.U., established in Spain, and BRICQ SAS, with base in France. Today our group has four production sites in France, Spain, China, Italy and Serbia, with a consolidated turnover of more than €37.000.000 and an effective and global team of direct partners of more than 180 women and men, giving their best on a daily basis We develop, manufacture and sell our products in more than 70 countries, by an exclusive network of more than 30 quality agents and distribution points. Our companies, RODICUT INDUSTRY S.A.U., BRICQ SAS, BRICQ USA Inc (trading company), TOOLS CORRUGATED S.L. and RODICUT INDUSTRY CHINA Co. Ltd, intervene in the manufacture of technical consumable and responsive goods, in compact polyurethane, heavy technical textiles and rotary die-cutting tools, which belong to the core of military and industrial processes.

Our Shareholders are comprised of investment funds which have a strong industrial knowledge, as well as our management team. We are clearly focused on the future, with a constant policy of investments, developments, and improvements in our productivity, and on a search for external growth to broaden even more our product range and our experience. In the heart of a world, where the new heroes are often virtual, where the theorists always believe they prevail over the practitioners, and where the vocations and the orientations towards the industry are mistakenly scarcer by the day, we remain industrial. We are industrial, proud of our condition, and repeatedly we will sow our idea of a world that cannot live only on the service sector, and of people “sharing mutual services”; we create, we transform, we add value, we are EOS CORRUGATED!





EOS organization chart