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  • 4 Plants, Spain, France and China
  • Around 18.000.000 € Turnover without chinese factory
  • Around 120 direct employees in Europe without Chinese factory


EOS develops, produces and sells:

  • Polyurethane (anvil covers, wheels, spare parts…) for corrugated packaging and others industries RODICUT andRODICUT China
  • Textiles (corrugated belts and others) BRICQ SAS and BRICQ USA
  • Rotary cutting dies by TOOLS CORRUGATED SL





EOS, a serious professional group with a touch of humour and creativity.


EOS is:

Sunrise or start. This is how our Industrial Group is defined. The sunrise is the beginning, hope and positivity; but also it start moving towards continuous improvement with the ultimate goal of reaching excellence.

The association of complementary expertise in the design, production and distribution of essential supplies involved in the heart of many industrial processes.

A covered area, consisting of four floors, 30 000 m² dedicated to I + D + i and production.

Two production plants in Spain, one in France and one in China, involved in the polyurethane mecaplasturgia, technical textiles and special tools.

A consolidated turnover figure of 18 million Euros without China factory and its result is reinvested in their entirety for growth of our Group.

The finance service industry and not otherwise.


Funding the service industry and not otherwise.

A multitude of leading applications in industries as diverse as packaging, military aircraft, transporting alumina, tire industry, mining operations etc.

The presence of commercial services of over thirty representation agencies throughout seventy countries.

A serious professional group with a touch of humour and creativity.

The dawn of a beautiful human and industrial adventure, in permanent movement and growth. Growth through our market share with the development of innovative technical solutions, but also external growth, in acquiring new branches of activities in logical complementarities of markets.

EOS is primarily for you. Our energy, our vision, our talent and our passion is for your greatest service.




EOS organization chart